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Single Pickup-Multi-Drops (SPMD)



GoSend is an on-demand delivery service that enables users to send small items within a city or between cities. However, the current functionality only allows users to send items from one location to another. To address users' occasional needs for sending items to multiple locations, we are introducing the SPMD (Single Pickup, Multiple Drop-offs) feature. This feature will enable users to send an item from one location to multiple locations, providing them with a delightful and fulfilling experience that meets their needs.

In my role, I led both the consumer and driver side projects, with a focus on the consumer side. I collaborated with a diverse team of stakeholders and worked across teams in an agile environment. From design to final deliverable in production, Spearheaded the whole project. Additionally, I worked closely with various functional teams to ensure the success of the project and directly communicate with the business head and product head for faster decisions.


The introduction of the Single Pickup - Multi Drop (SPMD) feature necessitates a significant redesign of the product. This feature will impact nearly every screen in both the booking flow and post-booking flow, requiring extensive changes due to the numerous pain points present in the current booking process. Proceeding with the SPMD feature without addressing these existing issues would result in a considerable amount of hassle and may hinder the achievement of desired success for SPMD orders. Moreover, there is a risk of losing current instant orders if the necessary improvements are not made. Additionally, incorporating this new feature requires corresponding changes on the driver side to accommodate the new functionality. Consequently, we recognize the importance of enhancing the booking flow and implementing the necessary feature enhancements.

Current GoSend booking flow for Single Pickup-Drop orders

Users experience frustration when they have to navigate through the process of providing delivery, pickup, and package details, as it becomes a pain point before they can view the final price.

Paint points in current booking flow


User: Enable users to place Instant Single Pickup - Multi Drop (SPMD) orders in a hassle-free manner.

Business Goal: Our objectives are to acquire new users, expand the range of order types, and increase the overall gross take.

Product Goal: We aim to provide consumer app users with the ability to effortlessly place Single Pickup - Multi Drop (SPMD) orders to multiple locations, without compromising the experience for users who prefer single pickup and single drop orders.

Major themes around which, we have tried solving the pain points in GoSend's booking experience:

1. Hassle - free experience

We can solve for a hassle free experience by:

  • Decreasing the no. of steps/screens involved in the booking flow.

  • Easing the process of filling information to see the estimated price quickly.

  • Help users focus on one task at a time.

2. Affordability

We can solve for affordability by:

  • Showing the price comparison between Instant and Sameday(the cheaper option) delivery type upfront.

  • Increase the visibility of promos while comparing the prices between the delivery types.

3. Visibility of multi-drop feature

We can solve visibility by:

  • Showing multi drop features upfront on the home screen.

  • Also with adding a new route screen.


Moved on quick sketches of two new approaches according to the existing and totally new flow for single and multi drop flow to have faster decisions.


  • Based on our existing research data, the primary user preference is to quickly view estimated prices rather than completing the entire order before knowing the price. Additionally, users have a secondary expectation of speed and on-time delivery for their orders

  • Comparing estimated prices between our service and competitors is important to users.

  • Expecting weight and size related options


  • Improved booking flow ensures a hassle-free experience for single drop users without compromising their familiarity with the existing process.

  • Minimal changes in the user experience reduce the learning curve and increase the likelihood of user adoption.

  • Low risk of losing instant single drop orders due to the seamless transition.

  • Introduction of the multi-drop option on the estimate screen provides clear differentiation between single drop and multi-drop flows.

  • Single drop users will not be confused by the addition of the multi-drop feature, while users intending to create a multi-drop order can conveniently add new drop-offs at the estimated screen.


  • In the current flow, users cannot quickly see the estimated prices for both single drop and multi-drop orders. They have to go through the entire flow to view the estimated price, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

  • For users intending to place only a multi-drop order, the current flow can feel lengthy and may deter them from completing the order.

  • There is a possibility that some users may not readily identify the availability of the multi-drop feature, leading to potential confusion or missed opportunities.


  • Users have the convenience of adding multi drops at the initial step, saving time and effort.

  • They can quickly check the estimated prices for both single and multi-drop orders without going through the entire flow.

  • The overall flow is streamlined and simplified, reducing the number of steps required.


  • Gosend pricing is consistently higher compared to competitors. With the ability to quickly compare prices, users may be more inclined to choose competitors' services, resulting in a high risk of losing existing instant single drop orders and a decreased chance of gaining new multi-drop orders.

  • The new flow introduces a completely different user experience, which may require users to adapt and take time to familiarize themselves with the new process. This could lead to a drop in our existing instant single drop orders.

  • The adoption rate for multi-drop orders is likely to be lower due to the significant changes in the flow and user behavior.


  • Despite higher pricing, Gosend has a larger user base for Instant Single drop orders compared to competitors.

  • Our focus is on emphasizing reliability and speed for on-time delivery, as speed is a significant factor that can sway users' decision-making, even when pricing is higher.


The process begins with the initial idea wireframes and their subsequent iterations, which then progress towards the final version of wireframes and design iterations. If required, a prototype is developed to further refine the design. This simplified version exemplifies how this approach successfully addresses user needs and ensures an optimal user experience.


Designing the multi-drop feature posed significant challenges as it necessitated modifications across various screens in the booking and post-booking flows. The process involved addressing rare edge cases, reshaping the user experience, creating a distinct and user-friendly interface, providing greater control to the user, crafting clear and effective communication messages, ensuring a seamless ordering experience, incentivizing users to complete their orders, streamlining the process of estimating prices, implementing comprehensive notification systems, enabling detailed status updates, facilitating order tracking sharing, and aligning with other product experiences. Additionally, it was crucial to consider the technical implications and requirements of these changes.


After multiple iterations and incorporating feedback from stakeholders, the wireframe was transformed into a finalized design.

Single pickup and drop booking flow

How it works

4 Old - Single drop flow.png

Single pickup and Multi-drop booking flow

How it works

Single pickup and drop - Post booking flow


Single pickup and Mult-drops - Post booking flow


  • Reduced the drop-off by 30% average overall in booking funnel

  • 5-7% increase in order completion.

  • Increased Same Day delivery bookings.

  • Reduction in oversize item order complaints.

  • 1500-1700 daily orders received from the multi-drop funnel within a month

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