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Cancellation Reasons

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We have observed a high rate of order cancellations from our users, and it is crucial for us to understand the underlying reasons behind these cancellations. By gaining insights into their actual problems, we can provide them with the appropriate guidance and steps, thereby reducing their anxiety associated with canceling an order.


To address this issue, we are introducing cancellation reasons that accurately communicate the specific problems users may encounter. This approach aims to understand their concerns and provide them with relevant explanations for their cancellations. By doing so, we hope to retain as many users as possible by offering appropriate solutions and minimizing the need for order cancellations.


I was the main designer leading this project in Q2 - Q3 2020 ideating early concepts, running design sprints, presenting regularly to leadership, and delivering final assets for production. I worked with multiple cross-functional teams that included 3 product managers, 10 engineers, and leads from Driver Ops.

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We have observed a significant number of users placing orders and subsequently canceling them before the driver arrives to pick up the items. All of these cancellations indicate that the driver requested the cancellation, suggesting a potential issue from the driver's side. This situation has had a negative impact on driver performance. Additionally, during our research, we discovered that users believed it was mandatory to select a reason when canceling the order, but the only available reason was "my driver asked me to cancel." This reason was found to be misleading and did not accurately reflect the user's actual reason for cancellation.


User: Motivate users to successfully complete their orders.

Business Goal: Minimize order cancellations, enhance user retention, and increase Conversion Rates (CO's).

Product Goal: Gain valuable insights into user concerns and provide effective guidance to reduce order cancellations.


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  • As a result, we successfully retained 7% of users, leading to an increase in CO's (Completion Orders).

  • We started receiving different types of reasons and identified patterns, which helped us take further action and make necessary changes.

  • This reduction in cancellations had a positive impact on driver performance.

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